Soft Landscaping-Planting

Pruning and tidying

Once the hard landscaping stage has been completed we can provide the finishing touches with our soft landscape design and installation service. At 4thD Landscape Services our professional team of horticulturists is trained to select plants and shrubs which enhance and add year-round colour to your landscape design. And, to help you achieve the perfect landscape we provide the following services:


  • Design of planting plans
  • Selection of plants and shrubs
  • Supply of plants and shrubs
  • Bed preparation and planting
  • Mulching and maintenance

Design and Selection of Plants and Shrubs

Our expert team of horticulturists and designers can advise you on the best plants and shrubs to choose, and can draw up detailed planting plans for you to complement the design of your landscape. Their designs will achieve maximum seasonal effect with plants and shrubs of different foliage effects, colour and maturity.

Supply of Plants and Shrubs

We can supply a wide range of plants and shrubs for any size of project and to suit any area. Because we work with some of the best nurseries in the country we can provide top-quality shrubs and plants at very competitive prices.

Bed Preparation and Planting

All bed preparation and planting is carried out by our experienced team of horticulturists and we give careful attention to the needs of the plants and shrubs, the soil and aspect and local conditions. Mulching and follow-up maintenancence. Once we have completed the soft landscape design and planting, we provide a full maintenance and care programme to ensure that your plants and shrubbs remain in perfect condition and shape throughout the seasons; we can also supply and install a variety of mulches â whatever grade of mulch is appropriate for the project (for example bark chips), and we can also supply inorganic mulches (slate, pebbles etc.) to protect and enhance your beds.


A member of our experienced horticultural team can suggest a tailor-made maintenance programme which meets all your needs. This consultation ensures that we only offer you the best advice and that you are completely satisfied with our services and professional expertise.


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